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If you intend to make a claim concerning any area of employment, you may need the services of an Employment Tribunal solicitor to help you to determine if you are legally entitled to reinstatement or compensation. Employment Tribunal (ET) claims cover a wide variety of subjects including unfair dismissal, in which an employee’s termination or redundancy has no evidential backing, or constructive dismissal, in which an employee has left their position because of an employer’s breach of contract. The ET may also hear cases regarding wage disputes, redundancy pay disputes and employment contract disputes. It also handles cases involving discrimination, harassment, victimisation and workplace bullying based on race, disability, religion or gender. ET claims do not generally extend to personal injury (unless the injury is somehow related to discrimination) or restrictive covenants in employment contracts.

Employment Tribunal Compensation Claim Award

If your Employment Tribunal claim is successful, the specific circumstances of your case will determine the amount of compensation you may receive. Unfair dismissal settlement awards have a maximum cap that is reviewed on an annual basis, but discrimination cases have no financial cap and awards can be substantial.

Time Limitations

If you believe that you may have a good case for compensation in regard to any aspect of your employment, you are usually required make an ET claim by way of a written application within three months of your dismissal or, for discrimination cases, within three months of the last discriminatory incident. In some instances, the three-month time limit may be extended and under the Employment Act 2002 (Dispute Resolution) Regulations 2004, it is sometimes extended automatically. Qualified legal advice from a specialist employment tribunal solicitor should be sought as it may still be possible for your claim to be submitted although it may appear to be out of time.

The location of the hearing of Employment Tribunal claims relates to your local area postcode. Once your employer or former employer receives your claim from the Employment Tribunal the time limit for a response is 28 days. Applications are heard by three individuals being a presiding chairman, an employer’s representative and a trades union representative. You do not have to be represented by an Employment Tribunal solicitor but it is recommended as your employer will almost certainly have instructed a lawyer.

Employment Tribunal Solicitors

An employment dispute may be a complex matter and it is imperative that you obtain advice from a qualified professional. Our solicitors are experts in dealing with Employment Tribunal claims. They are dynamic, forward thinking lawyers whose ethos is to understand and meet the needs of a diverse range of clients. These lawyers understand that clients need and require legal services which are proactive, practical and delivered with a close eye on risk/cost/benefit at all times. They are dedicated to getting things done effectively, quickly and in a cost effective way. Call today for a free consultation from Employment Tribunal solicitors. The call is confidential and should you choose to retain the services of a lawyer, they operate on a risk-free, no win no fee payment scheme. Simply put, if your solicitor does not win your case, you pay nothing.