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Our no win no fee employment solicitors specialise in providing legal representation throughout the United Kingdom for compensation claims involving unfair dismissal, discrimination, harassment, victimisation and workplace bullying. To speak with an employment law solicitor today, simply phone the helpline or email our offices.

No win no fee employment claims

To ensure that you receive a fair deal, cases are taken on the basis of a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), commonly referred to as “no win no fee” arrangements which make it completely risk-free for you to make an employment claim. If you do not win your no win no fee employment compensation claim, you will not be charged. [In addition, you are not responsible for financing the claims process or covering any upfront costs.]

What is a Conditional Fee Agreement?

In the past, victims of negligence could apply to Legal Aid for funding to cover the expenses of bringing a legal claim against the party responsible for their injuries and losses. In 1998, the no win no fee scheme was introduced (Conditional Fee Agreement - CFA) as a result of the government ceasing its funding of the Legal Aid scheme for personal injury claims. Note that the funding has not been altogether eliminated. What funding is left, however, is in place for specific types of medical negligence claims. The current CFA scheme now extends to cover employment no win no fee compensation claims.

Under a no win no fee agreement, a solicitor gets paid for their services only if their client is awarded compensation for a successful claim. If the claim ultimately proves unsuccessful, then the expenses must be written off and no charges can be passed along to the client.

If the case is successful and the client receives compensation, then the solicitor receives a set percentage of the amount awarded to the client. This amount is agreed upon in advance by the client and the solicitor, so that the client is not subjected to any unexpected fees or hidden charges. Your no win no fee solicitor will answer any questions you have about CFAs and the payment process. It is important that you to feel comfortable at every stage of the no win no fee employment compensation claims process.

Employment Solicitors

The best lawyers communicate with their clients in plain English. Your no win no fee employment solicitor will provide you with straightforward, easy-to-understand legal advice. You will never be subjected to confusing legal jargon. Making sure you are kept informed every step of the way is a top priority.

To receive legal advice at mo cost on all matters related to employment claims just email our offices or call our helpline today. Specialist solicitors will provide a no charge consultation regarding employment disputes, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. There is absolutely no charge for this consultation, regardless of whether you decide to take further legal action.