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Our solicitors are employment law experts who deal with compensation claims for race discrimination at work. Our race discrimination solicitors will negotiate claims on your behalf and if necessary, apply to the Employment Tribunal to settle your workplace dispute based on race using a risk free no win no fee arrangement.

Race Discrimination At Work

If you have received unfair treatment in the workplace based on your race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origins, you may have a potential solicitors claim for compensation under race relations legislation. For racial discrimination at work, prejudice and intent are not relevant; it must simply be proven by a solicitor that the offending actions were harmful and resulted in unfavourable treatment. Unlawful acts can be either direct or indirect :-

  • Direct

    Direct race discrimination refers to obvious unfavourable treatment based on race, or when an individual of a particular race is given more favourable treatment. Racially-based harassment and abuse also qualify as “direct”.

  • Indirect

    Indirect race discrimination refers to a situation in which an employment guideline that appears non-discriminatory on the surface may hinder an individual of a particular race from getting or keeping a certain position. For example, a requirement that all employees maintain short hair may adversely affect Sikhs, who, as a result of religious conviction, wear long hair beneath their turbans. These guidelines are sometimes enacted for the sole purpose of excluding certain races from applying for the position.

Race Relations Legislation

The legislation applicable to racial discrimination at work covers all areas pertaining to employment situations, including :-

  • application process
  • employment
  • terms and conditions of employment
  • salary and benefits
  • training
  • promotions and/or transfers
  • termination

Positive Discrimination

It should be noted, however, that occasionally a case of “positive discrimination” occurs, such as a when, for example, an actor of a certain ethnicity is needed to play a particular role. Also, employers are also allowed to encourage specific races under their employ if that race is under-represented.

Race Discrimination Solicitor

Advice offered here is completely free of charge and all legal action is based on the no win no fee scheme under which you only pay if you win your case. If a compensation is awarded, the solicitors legal fee is a percentage of the award which is agreed upon prior to taking your case to the Employment Tribunal, so there are no surprises.

Our race discrimination solicitors are dynamic, forward thinking lawyers whose ethos is to understand and meet the needs of a diverse range of clients. They understand that clients need and require legal services which are proactive, practical and delivered with a close eye on risk/cost/benefit at all times. They are dedicated to getting things done effectively, quickly and in a cost effective way. If you would like advice at no cost from a specialist employment solicitor, with no obligation, just email our offices or call our helpline.