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Race harassment is defined as “any type of unwanted behaviour linked to race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origins that may range from mildly offensive comments to serious physical assault.” It is important to note that prejudice alone is not grounds for a solicitors racial harassment discrimination claim.

Race harassment solicitors

With such a broad definition, it is critical that you retain the counsel of an experienced race harassment solicitor with specialised knowledge of this complex area of employment law. Contact us today to speak with one of our expert employment law solicitors. One of our racial harassment solicitors will review the details of your potential claim and provide you with an estimate of the amount of compensation you could receive. If you choose to retain our solicitors services, we will work to either negotiate a settlement with your employer or make an application to the Employment Tribunal on your behalf.

Racial harassment legislation

No specific legislation exists to completely cover all aspects of racial harassment, but the most widely referenced statutes are :-

  • Sex Discrimination Act 1975
  • Race Relations Act 1976
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1995
  • Protection from Harassment Act 1996
  • Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994

Difference between harassment and workplace bullying

There is usually an overlying physical aspect to race harassment, though verbal incidents also qualify. In racial harassment cases, these incidents are usually a one-time occurrence. Bullying, on the other hand, refers to a series of individual, smaller incidents occurring over a period of time. Workplace bullying does not usually involve physical or property damage.

Employer responsibility

Employers are held responsible for compensating employees who are found to be victims of racial harassment in any form. An employer may even be liable if the discriminatory behaviour happened somewhere other than the workplace (i.e. at a pub after work) unless it can be determined that the employer has exhausted all reasonable means to prevent or stop the behaviour.

Employment Tribunal

In order to support a solicitors claim before the Employment Tribunal for race harassment, you should :-

Keep detailed records of the incident or incidents, including the time, date and location of any occurrences. Also record a full account of the incident and a list of all parties involved, including witnesses.

Disclose the incident to your immediate superior as soon as it occurs, and if the matter remains unresolved, submit a formal complaint to the line manager and/or the boss. The complaint should contain as much detail as possible.

If the matter still remains unresolved, seek legal counsel from a solicitor in regards to applying to the Employment Tribunal for compensation and to resolve the situation if the individual wants to retain their employment.

Employment lawyers

Our solicitors specialise in all matters pertaining to employment law. We make it risk-free for you to bring your claim with our no win no fee payment scheme. You only pay us if we win your case. If compensation is awarded for your claim, our fee is previously agreed upon percentage of the settlement, so there are never any surprise fees or charges. Call today for a completely confidential, no obligation consultation with one of our highly skilled racial harassment solicitors.