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Sex discrimination is a sensitive and complex area of employment law. Our sex discrimination solicitors are fully qualified to negotiate compensation on your behalf or submit your application to the Employment Tribunal. If you feel you have been a victim of sex discrimination, contact us today to arrange a legal consultation at no cost over the telephone. A same sex solicitor is available if you make a request during the initial conversation.

Sex Discrimination Act 1975

Under the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, it is against the law for an employee to receive different or unfair treatment based on gender in all areas pertaining to employment. This includes application and recruitment, training, promotions, pay and benefits, work practices and dismissal or termination. There are some exceptions in which “constructive sex discrimination” occurs and is not against the law, such as advertising for gender-specific employees as toilet attendants or in hospitals and prisons, or for actors to fulfil certain acting roles.

Direct and indirect sex discrimination

There are two categories of this unlawful behaviour that a sex discrimination solicitor can consider :-

Direct :-

Indirect :-

    • the treatment of an employee that is very obviously based on the individual’s gender
    • the enactment of policies or workplace requirements that may not appear, on the surface, to relate to gender but which favour one gender over another; indirect sex discrimination is much more subtle than direct sex discrimination. For example, requiring applicants to be over 6 feet tall indirectly discriminates against women.

Employer liability

Employers are liable for any sex discrimination that occurs under their employ, even if they were not directly involved in any way. In some instances, an employer can be found responsible if the discriminatory actions occur somewhere other than the workplace, such as an after hours works party; even if the Employment Tribunal determines the location has only a vague workplace connection, there could be grounds for a compensation claim for sex discrimination.

Statute of limitations

A sex discrimination solicitor must carefully consider the time limits that apply to these potential claims. The Employment Tribunal must receive a sex discrimination claim within three months of the most recent documented incident. However, in order to allow for completion of the statutory grievance procedure, this time period may be extended up to three more months. The three-month period begins on the actual date of dismissal and not from the date of notice.

No win no fee solicitors

Sex discrimination solicitors almost always use the no win no fee scheme, which simply means if they don’t win your case, you pay nothing. If compensation is awarded, the fee is a previously determined percentage of whatever compensation you receive. There are never any surprise charges. Email our offices or call our solicitors today free legal advice at no cost with an expert employment lawyer with no further obligation.