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Sexual harassment claims can often be seen as subjective which is why it is extremely important that you retain the services of an experienced sexual harassment solicitor. Our lawyers are employment law specialists and deal with claims using the no win no fee scheme. Your solicitor will work on your behalf to negotiate a compensation with your employer or apply to the Employment Tribunal for an award of damages.

Sex Discrimination Act

Under the Sex Discrimination Act, it is unlawful for any employer to sexually harass any individual in his or her employ. The Act includes individuals in the process of gender reassignment. There are no requirements with regard to the victim’s length of time of employment or the number of hours worked. There is no statutory cap on compensation with unlimited damages.

Individuals covered under the Act also include :-

  • those in a business partnership
  • members of a trade union
  • members of a professional association
  • members of a body that issues qualifications required to carry out a trade or profession

Categories of sexual harassment

There are two basic categories that enable a sexual harassment solicitor to take legal action for damages in the Employment Tribunal :-

  1. Unwelcome conduct based on gender :-

    This type of behaviour must be engaged in with “the intent or effect of violating dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.” The behaviour does not necessarily have to be sexual in nature and can refer to all types of bullying. However, it must be shown that the offending individual undertook the behaviour based solely on the victim’s gender.

  2. Unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature :-

    This category covers all types of conduct, including physical, verbal and non-verbal behaviour. Whatever the conduct, it must be done with “the intent or effect of violating dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.”

Errant Behaviour

Any situation that involves physical contact is a criminal offence and should be reported to the proper authorities immediately. Certain behaviour that does not involve physical contact may also be deemed unlawful :-

  • demeaning remarks about an individual’s appearance
  • indecent comments
  • queries about an individual’s sexual habits
  • demands or requests for sexual favours

Employers responsibility

An employer may be held legally responsible even though the unwelcome behaviour took place somewhere other than the workplace if the Employment Tribunal determines the event to be an “extension” to the workplace. Even incidents occurring at an event with a vague workplace connection could be grounds for a solicitors sexual harassment compensation claim.

Employment Solicitors

Experienced sexual harassment solicitors are almost always instructed to represent clients in this very complex area of employment law. If you feel you have been the victim of any form of sexual harassment, it is crucial that you receive the advice of a trained expert in order to understand your rights. Claims are dealt with using the no win no fee scheme and our solicitors only receive payment after you receive your damages award. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges. The fee is based on an agreed percentage of the damages you receive. Email or call us today to arrange your confidential telephone consultation with no charge and no further obligation.