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If you have been treated unfairly in the workplace, whether by your employer or by a co-worker, contact our solicitors today. Every employee has a right to work in an environment that is free from harassment and undue stress. Our employment solicitors are experts at helping their clients recover compensation for suffering caused by unfair practices in the workplace. Contact us today for legal advice on any matter related to employment disputes and legal claims. Experienced employment solicitors will provide you with a no charge consultation with no further obligation.

Employment law is complex, encompassing numerous statutes and regulations. Building a strong case often depends on subtle nuances and uncovering hidden motives. Employment disputes are claims best handled by a specialist – a solicitor with the knowledge and the experience to build a solid case.

No win no fee compensation claim

To make it completely risk-free for you to bring your employment claim, our employment solicitors will utilise a no win no fee scheme. Under this arrangement you pay no legal fees if your employment solicitor does not win your case and obtain compensation on your behalf. You are not responsible for financing the claims process.

Unfair dismissal & constructive dismissal

Some employment claims centre on the reason or lack thereof, that an employee was dismissed. An unfair dismissal, for example, occurs when an employees job is terminated without justification and/or for an unlawful reason. Constructive dismissal is another type of claim, wherein the employee’s resignation is considered involuntarily due to unbearable working conditions. In cases such as these, the employer is considered to have breached the employment contract, giving way to a solicitors legal claim on the part of the former employee.

Employment solicitors also handle cases where employment was terminated due to redundancy which occurs when an employee is dismissed because the business has closed down or there is no longer a need for their particular skills in the workforce. Most of the time, cases of redundancy are legitimate. There are cases, however, of sham or false redundancy, where it was used as an excuse by an employer who simply wanted rid of the employee.

Discrimination, harassment and victimisation

It is illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee or job applicant on the basis of race, sex, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation. Related to discrimination, but also distinct, is harassment. Harassment involves mistreatment in the workplace, such as bullying, insults and physical attacks, perpetrated by either the employer or a co-worker. Finally, there is victimisation, which occurs when an employee is treated differently or unfairly because they participated in, or have made known their intention to participate in, some type of discrimination claim.

Work Stress

Our employment solicitors operate a specialist, dedicated department dealing with stress at work compensation claims. If you believe that your working conditions are intollerable and have lead to you suffering from a recognised psychiatric illness, just call the helpline and a solicitor who is an expert in work stress compensation will discuss your potential claim at no cost and with no further obligation.

Employment solicitors

For legal advice at no cost from a highly skilled and experienced employment solicitor simply email or call us on the helpline. Speaking to a solicitor does not obligate you to proceed with your claim and there is no charge for the advice, regardless of whether you take further legal action.


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